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Choose a holiday apartment in Morocco Rabat

As one of Morocco's largest and most important cities, Rabat is a lively and dynamic place that has much to offer to visitors. Rabat is popular because of its seaside location, gloriously sunny weather, and rich history. Rabat apartments are a popular choice among holiday makers who are searching for comfortable and affordable Rabat accommodation.

Getting Out and About in Rabat

The natural environment around Rabat is a major attraction for many visitors. Located at the point where the Bou Regreg river meets the Atlantic Ocean, Rabat has a mixture of sandy and rocky beaches where families can enjoy the sun, paddle in the sea, and hunt for crabs in rockpools. The rocky landscape inland is great for hiking, and even within the city itself there are green spaces to explore, including the botanical gardens and the eucalyptus forest in the Souissi district. Golfers will love the three excellent golf courses at the Royal Golf Dar Es Salam club, which hosts a Moroccan golf tournament every year. The courses are extremely well-kept, with palm, papyrus and banana trees providing shady respites from the hot sun.

Attractions in Rabat

The National Theatre Mohammed V is Rabat's main cultural attraction. Exhibitions of paintings and photography are often shown here, and lucky visitors may even be able to catch a breathtaking musical performance by the Philharmonic Orchestra of Morocco.

Dining in Rabat

The food in Morocco is delicious, mixing spices such as cinnamon with dried fruits, nuts, root vegetables and meats to create rich and satisfying dishes. Le P'tit Beur restaurant on rue Damas serves up a mouth-watering array of traditional Moroccan dishes, including tajine (a stew cooked in a clay pot), spiced couscous, and almond pastries, followed by hot mint tea to aid digestion.

Renting Rabat Apartments

Anyone who is browsing for holiday apartments in Morocco should consider staying in Rabat. This city has a great deal to offer to visitors, many of whom fall in love with the place and come back again and again for the sunshine, the fantastic food, and the friendly atmosphere. Rabat apartments are a good option for families who want a little extra space during their stay.

Morocco Apartments

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