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Turkey is a land of contrasts, as is thought to be the country that draws the dividing line between the Asian and European continents. This is a region that has had a rich cultural history, owing to the architecture and books written paying homage to this centrally placed country. A holiday in Turkey would not be complete if one didn't stay in Galata, a thriving touristic neighbourhood in Istanbul.

Galata is thought to have gotten its name from the Italian word Calata, which signifies a downward slope. The neighbourhood is set on a downward sloping hill and ends at the sea. However, the Greek believe that the name comes from the word Galaktos, which means milk, as shepherds were thought to have roamed the plains tending to their animals in the medieval periods.

Galata accommodation in Istanbul is a surefire way of getting comfort and quality while seeing the greater Istanbul region. Galata apartments are often small, family run establishments, meaning that one is bound to get that personalized and comfortable service sought. They are at a location that is favourable for the average tourist, as the European-themed restaurants and bars dot the surroundings of this section of Istanbul. It is worth noting that Galata is found on the European side of Istanbul, so a large portion of the region pays homage to European-style architecture, culture and history.

Galata House is a moderately priced restaurant found in the heart of Istanbul. Prices range between 14 to 22 Euros for a decent meal. Great choices on the menu include Georgian and Russian dishes, and with a wife and husband team that runs the show, the meals are sure to go down well, washed down with a glass of French red wine.

Galata apartments pay homage to European architecture, thanks to the influence of many a European culture that has bypassed this region through the ages. It is worth noting that most apartments situated in Galata are next to bustling streets which feature business establishments, retail shops and the convenient train service system.

The Galata tower, perched atop a hill on the eastern side of Istanbul is worth a visit. It can be accessed via train that connects to the Eminonu district; a short walk over the Galata Bridge is all that's needed to get to the tower. The bridge also marks the start of the Asian continent. If one is looking for holiday apartments in Istanbul, then Galata is the place to be for that authentic slice of Istanbul, Turkey.

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