Semana Santa – Easter traditions in Spain

Posted on March 21, 2014

Never mind if you are catholic or protestant, but Spain is the best country, which you can celebrate Easter. All over the world it would be hard to find a country like Spain that has successfully maintained many of its traditions and customs since ancient times.73.2% of Spanish people are Catholics and the country has very strong traditions, especially when it comes to Christian celebration.

Holy week or Semana Santa in Spain

The whole of Spain starts celebrating Easter few days before the official celebration. It´s called Holy Week. While Catholics in other countries just remember Easter with small celebrations with family, a few songs and nice movies about Easter; Spain organizes a real fiesta! Each of the country’s regions has different traditions, showing local influences and truly unique features.
The biggest Easter celebrations with the most typical Catholic traditions are upheld in the regions of Valladolid: León and Salamanca and the region of Andalusia: Malaga and Seville. Other regions of Spain such as Barcelona or Madrid are also known for having some of the most elaborate and most glamorous Easter shows.

Also Spain is one of the most popular destinations at Easter, because of huge seasonal discounts in all shops, bars, restaurants, wide selection of different activities and stunning shows in city streets. Easily book your holiday apartment in Barcelona with us and enjoy a week of inimitable Spanish Easter celebrations, sales and good weather at the same time!

Easter week in Barcelona

The Palm Sunday
Holy week starts with the Palm Sunday or “Domingo de Ramos” in Spanish, one week before Easter Sunday. Everybody goes to church, listen to Palm Sunday masses and participate in palm blessing ceremony. It is believed that blessed palms will bring luck and health into your home. So, Barcelona’s streets are full of markets with typical Easter palms, also spring decorations, variety of coloured eggs and other beautiful things which would help you to feel the spirit of Easter.

If you are planning to spend your Easter holidays in Barcelona, there are a few things to bear in mind. The Spanish have a tradition on the Palm Sunday. All adults need to buy decorated Easter palm leaves and children has to wear new clothes and hold an Easter palm leaves decorated with small bags of sweets or toys and Catalan senyera ribbons. This Easter tradition in Spain is held from old days and is seen as good sign.

The Good Friday
Few days before Easter, Spain starts really celebrating with gorgeous parades, traditional shows and loud music. It’s a public holiday, so everyone goes out into the streets and enjoy amazing weather, variety of good shows and warm atmosphere. As Spanish people are known for their hot temperament and powerful energy, an amazing show is guaranteed.

Easter Sunday
The most popular churches to celebrate Easter Sunday are Barcelona Cathedral – Sagrada Familia and the Santa Maria del Mar church. But the main event on Sunday usually takes place at mid-day in city centre. It’s a day of happiness and celebration of Resurrection of Jesus.
Spanish people have few traditions on Easter Sunday. Traditional Easter day meat -lamb and delicious savoury cake “La Mona de Pascua” will be prepared in almost in all homes as well as in a lot of cafeterias. As Easter is the sign of spring, good weather and happiness, families love to go out, enjoy the spring, spend time with their relatives in a park, such as Parc de la Ciutadella and have the picnic. Visit Spain and celebrate Easter like nowhere else and never before.

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