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We are reputable worldwide agency. 10% of our traffic comes from people who type "Holiday Velvet" in Google and with 14% repeat buyers you could say that our customers get great service from us.

They trust that we choose to work with professional owners only, that our prices are competitive and that they have an agent to help in case something goes wrong. We get great reviews.

As for marketing: we get 100,000 visitors average every month. We are page 1 of Google for most our keywords, invest big budgets on pay-per-click ads and are very active on social networks.


We give you an Online Booking facility.
No more enquiries.

When you sign up for Holiday Velvet bookings suddenly become much easier: just see your confirmations come in via email and SMS. Receive all the details you need to know about your client (including arrival details) so all you have to do is.... great them on arrival!


We've been in this business for 5 years.

We know that your pricing can be complex, that your minimum number of nights changes according to seasons, that you charge late arrival fees or city tax...

We have pre-configured the platform for industry best-practices and are ready for your requirements. For your help we have prepared videos and how-to's. Our support team is also available should you have any questions.


Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need in order to register my rental?

You need a valid credit card (we authorize 0.01 Euro cents as a security check), a phone number where we can reach you, great photos of your rental (at least 314px wide) and a promise that you will always keep our calendar up-to-date.

Will I receive enquiries?

No! You will only receive confirmed bookings from us. After you confirm the booking in our system we give you the email address of the client, his/her telephone number, arrival details and passport number.

How much does it cost to be listed?

Our service is free for owners, we just ask that you advertise very competitive prices to maximises the chances of filling your property all year long.

What type of rentals can be registered?

Our service is only for professional holiday rentals (all year rentals). If you are looking to rent your apartment out for 2 months a year we are NOT the right agency for you. If you own a serviced apartment building please contact us. We are not yet set up to sign-up individual hotels or B&Bs. The hotels you see on our website are provided to us by MainTrack.

When do I get my money?

When you want! We can either handle the payments (down payment, balances, security deposits) and transfer the money to you by bank account, or you take payments on arrival (in cash or credit card, however you are set up).

What about cancellations conditions?

We adhere to your cancellation procedures. In case of no-shows / late cancellations we are responsible for collecting the due amounts from the clients.

What if I cannot confirm a booking?

If you cancel one of our bookings because of a mistake in the calendar (double booking) we remove your listing for 60 days.

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