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Souk Madinat: best of Jumeirah Beach, Dubai


dubai entertainmentDubai may be renowned for its superlative shopping options, but rarely does one have the chance to experience them all under one roof. You can certainly spend hours weaving your way through the chaotic, heatstroke-inducing outdoor souks, or you can barricade yourself in one of the many designer malls scattered about town; but in the Souk Madinat Jumeirah you have it all in one location. Moreover, the shopping, entertainment and dining options are so varied and of good quality, that finding a reason to tear yourself away will be near impossible.

Madinat Jumeirah is like a city within a city; this amazing conurbation of opulent 5* hotels, designer shopping mall and entertainment complex, all encircled by elaborate canals and waterways, makes a brilliant day trip destination for anyone holidaying in Dubai. Souk Madinat is just a section of this amazing complex, and the place where thousands converge on a weekly basis to take advantage of the calm and relaxing shopping experiences the souk can offer. To this end, why not book your holiday rental apartment in Jumeirah on your next Dubai vacation? Having the best of Dubai at your doorstep will certainly make your vacation a truly unforgettable one.

Half way between a Mediterranean resort village and exotic desert oasis, Souk Madinat offers tourists a welcoming, safe and clean, souk shopping experience. You can still barter to your heart’s content, and although the prices may be slightly higher here than in other more conventional souks, the quality of the wears is exceptional, and that is why Souk Madinat is renowned as the best place in Dubai to purchase top quality souvenirs. Beside the head-spinning shopping options, Madinat Jumeirah is also home to various good restaurants, cafes and even a delightful beauty spa; spending an entire day exploring this amazing exotic world is an enjoyable and effortless affair.

Souk Madinat stands resplendent in its exotically themed design: narrow laneways, luxurious tiled domes, intricately carved doorways and latticed windows are reminiscent of a by-gone era, yet you are consistently aware of just how new and modern this complex really is. In the sometime sweltering Dubai heat, enjoying all this in blissfully air-conditioned comfort is a major plus indeed.

Specializing in traditional goods, Souk Madinat is the place to come to if talking home splendid fabrics, spices, rugs, jewellery and artwork is on your agenda. You can also spend your holiday funds on designer clothing; the souk is wonderfully serviced by known brand boutiques too.

For gastronomic indulgences, an especially good option when self-catering whilst in Dubai, head to the fantastic food stores of Souk Madinat and take home the tastes of the Arab world. Unforgettable sweet treats can be had at Vivel’s, a mouth-watering haven of succulent dates, marzipan, cakes and quite possibly the best honey-dripping baklava you’ll ever taste. For longer epicurean sojourns, head to one of the many restaurants to sample the best of Dubai’s multi-faceted personality. Here you’ll find restaurants specialising in great Italian fare, delectable Indian, Chinese, seafood havens and much more. For a unique lunch or dining experience, head to the canal-side joints to enjoy delicious meals with priceless views. For the best sundowners in town, head to the Centimetro, a rooftop bar renowned as one of the best places for watching the sun set over Dubai.

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