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Diving Treasures Near Trou aux Biches, Mauritius


mauritius beachThe gorgeous island-nation of Mauritius is found floating happily on the Indian Ocean, just east of Madagascar. This superlative tropical paradise is an absolute dream destination for anyone who wants to experience some of the best scuba diving in the world…minus all the crowds! It seems that the majority of international divers have yet to discover the unspoilt coral reefs and myriad of wrecks just off the coast of Madagascar; leaving them blissfully uncrowded for the lucky few who venture this far.

The best diving sites on the island are right in front of Trou aux Biches Beach, on the north-western corner of Madagascar. The protected cove and crystal clear waters make it also the ideal diving spot for beginners. Book your holiday rental villa in Trou aux Biches and, when you’re not enjoying the miles of heavenly beaches and infinite array of dining and activities on offer, you’ll have the underwater gems of Madagascar right at your door step.
Follow our guide to the best dive sites around and start planning your dream trip today!

Water Lilly and Emily
If you’ve ever wanted to dive deep into a gigantic, sea life filled aquarium, here’s your chance. Water Lilly and Emily are two barges which were sunk off the coast of Trou aux Biches in the early 1980s. Brimming with endemic specimens like moray eels, stonefish, clown, box fish (and countless other fish, crustaceans and corals), the barges are found at a depth of about 23 metres and provide unparalleled photographic opportunities.

Stella Maru Wreck
Another wonderful wreck to visit is that of Stella Maru, a Japanese trawler sunk off the northern coast in 1987. Quite the commanding sight, the trawler was originally sunk on its side, but a massive cyclone managed to ‘upright’ it in 2002. While not the most decorated of wrecks, the Stella Maru is impressive nonetheless, for its sheer size and virtually intact body. You’ll still get the chance to view the vast array of sea life and corals nearby and, at 25 metres in depth, this wreck gifts and unforgettable experience.

Point aux Biches
Just off the shore of Trou aux Biches is this amazing reef, ideal for beginners and anyone who wishes to get into real close contact with the marine flora and fauna of Madagascar. A shallow 5 meters dive will see you admire different species of hard and soft coral, as well as schools of clown fish, stone fish and everything in between.

Something for non-divers too…
If you want to experience the best of Madagascar’s underwater world, but aren’t certified yet, then you’re going to love this! Some of the largest diving centres on Trou aux Biches Beach offer the opportunity to take a very unique ‘Underwater Sea Walk’. Armed with an oxygen ‘mask’, which actually covers your whole head, you’ll have the unique opportunity to walk on the ocean floor at just a few metres depth and enjoy the amazing coral and sea life found just out of Grand Baie, north of Trou aux Biches. You may find it peculiar at first to get in the water with what looks like a glass television set on your head but, we assure you, the feeling will disappear as soon as you spot the first Nemo!

PADI paddle…
Want to get certified? Then head down to Trou aux Biches and visit one of the many excellent dive centres in town, where you’ll be able to get an Open Water Certificate for around 270 Pounds. This usually includes a few pool sessions and also 3-5 sea-dives as well. After that, expect to pay around 30 Pounds per dive, or opt to buy a 5 or 10-dive package, saving you a considerable amount.

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