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Miami: Florida’s Best Family Holiday Destination


Taking your kids to MiamiMiami may be regarded as the epitome party and shopping hub of Florida, yet its myriad of natural attractions, interesting museums and activities also make it an ideal family holiday destination. If designer shopping, late-night bar-hopping and day-long cocktail gorges are no longer your thing (well, not on a school night anyway!) then pack the kids, drop off the dog at your parents and book yourself a fabulous holiday rental in Miami. Because family holidays are not what they used to be…and thank god for that!

Sometimes it’s about the ride…not the destination!
Race the kids to the closest Metromover station and take a free and fun ride on the city’s automated people-mover. The sky monorail system takes visitors on a whirlwind ride through town, and has three separate loops to choose from. With many stations along the routes (most near famous attractions) and incessant service, the Metromover is a great way to keep your whole family moving along on your Miami vacation. Easy to access with prams and small tots in tow, the Metromover need only be avoided during peak hour times, when a gazillion locals join in the fun for the ride home.

A museum just for kids
Miami’s Children Museum is very popular indeed, and not just with the littlies. The not-for-profit MiChiMu, as the museum is known, is a superb educational attraction in Miami and boasts some truly great interactive exhibits. Kids can get down and dirty in the two-storey sand castle and the innumerable ‘classrooms’ (getting dressed up as superheroes along the way), parents can explore the dozen galleries and the brilliant gift shop and everyone can be replenished all day long at the in-house Subway.

The Children Museum is quite impressive, both in size and content, and makes for a fab family day out in Miami. You’ll find the kid’s haven on Watson Island.

Oh we have another hint for you! If you’re keen to visit the Miami Art Museum, but think your bubs will get bored, plan your trip so you can visit between 1pm and 4pm on the second Saturday of every month. Not only will you gain free entry into the museum, but the kids will be entertained with various fun activities, including storytelling and guided tours, and you can be free to explore the exhibits at leisure.

When you wish upon star…
There’s something about stargazing that entices and mesmerizes people of all ages. At the Weintraub Observatory, in the Miami Science Museum, your whole family will be hypnotised by our magical galaxy thanks to the two super-potent Meade telescopes. The free planetarium show is followed by a kids’ session, where young astronomers can take turns spotting Saturn’s rings and Jupiter’s moons.

A spot of animal fun
The Miami Metrozoo is home to some of the world’s most exotic animals and, luckily for them, the tropical setting and lack of cages make them the happiest beasts around. Included in the over 2,000 species are Galapagos tortoises, Bengal tigers and Komodo dragons. The zoo’s new Amazon enclosure is an absolute feast of flora and fauna, and you can take a journey through this amazing corner of the world, encountering jaguars, toucans and anacondas along the way.

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