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A day trip from Miami: Visiting Fisher Island


Fisher Island MarinaJust a few miles off the coast of Miami Beach, Florida, is the exclusive Fisher Island, known as the residential retreat for wealthy Americans. Until the mid twentieth century this island belong to the Vanderbilt family, who used as a winter residence. Today the population of Fisher island has risen to five hundred people. Being in close proximity to the famous Miami beaches, Fisher Island enjoys the same exquisite weather and conditions, only with significantly less people. There are stunning beaches to enjoy as well as fantastic views of the ocean from the intriguing landscape. Arguably the main attraction on Fisher Island is the Fisher Island Club, which is an exclusive club boasting top class facilities including a golf course, tennis courts, a marina and a spa amongst various other features. The dining facilities here are five star quality, with the views from the restaurants truly incredible. Travel from Miami Beach to Fisher Island is only available via private boat or ferry. The ferry journey to Fisher Island from Miami Beach only takes seven minutes and runs twenty four hours a day. Departures occur every fifteen minutes from a specific terminal just down the road from Miami Beach. You will be required to prove that you have permission to enter Fisher Island, so if you are visiting the Fisher Island Club you will need to pre-arrange the travel documents, although this is part of the standard procedures for guests and should not be an issue.

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