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Secret addresses in Le Marais, Paris

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Secret MaraisLe Marais, or “The Marsh”, is now one of the most unique, charming and diverse neighborhoods in Paris. This district, with its mixture of modern and old world, eccentric and classic beauty, is filled with tiny streets and secret courtyards meshing tradition with new-found creativity. The eclectic district is like a fantastic melting pot with many different immigrant communities alongside local Parisians – and visitors are drawn to the neighborhood’s small boutiques, art galleries, chic shops, second-hand vintage stores, restaurants, cafés, public squares and wonderful Marais apartments! It remains a central part of the Jewish community in Paris. Additionally, it is very accessible to areas of interest and it is close to the Louvre, the Seine, the Sorbonne, and Notre Dame.

Le Loir Dans la Théière is a charming and cosy café-bistro filled with French culture expressed on its walls with posters, paintings and drawings. Stepping inside one instantly feels the spectacular ambience that radiates from the interior. Next comes the authentic food. This unique spot has a variety of tasty and natural French quiches, cheeses, soups and salads. The brunch is outstanding and they even have a fabulous side dessert bar with an assortment of mouth-watering homemade sweets, such as apple cake with nuts and cinnamon, lemon meringue tart, fig tart, and the citron tart is so high it’s served on its side! Located on 3 rue de Rosiers

La Perle is a super cool café/bar. By day it is a simple café and then at night, the transformation begins into one of the most hopping bars. Here you will find yourself rubbing shoulders with artists, teachers, hipsters and your average Joe – making La Perle feel like a true local bar. The food is simple and casual but at night you will find people spilling out of the doors to try and get in. Located on 78 Rue Vieille du Temple

I love my blender is not exactly what you would name a Paris bookstore. Cristophe, the owner, sells books from the US, Canada, Ireland, South Africa, the UK, India, and Australia. In addition to his love for literature, he also sells a unique mix of items such as cool mugs, tea, funky stationary, candles, incense and childrens’ toys – hence the “quirky” name of the store. Located on 36 rue du Temple

Free ‘P’ Star is a treasure box of second-hand vintage. But unlike other Parisian second-hand vintage stores, it keeps its prices amazingly low while maintaining its quality standards. With its eclectic mix of retro, army, glitz, denim, and multitude of accessories, you could dress yourself from head to toe without breaking the bank. Located on 8 Rue Sainte Croix de la Bretonnerie

Pink Flamingo – Ok, so if you have had your fill of croissants and café au lait – check out this fantastic pizza place. Pink Flamingo is the coolest pizza restaurant – and that’s not just for the music. Along with traditional pizzas they also have more savory pizzas like Basquiat – gorgonzola, figs and cured ham; Ho Chi Min – chicken & gambas, green curry in coconut milk, lemongrass, cilantro & peanuts; Gandhi – Indian-style spinach sauce; and Aphrodite – grilled aubergines marinated in hummus and garlic to name a few. If you place an order for delivery by the canal (by foot) they give you a big pink balloon and when your pizza is done they come and deliver it to you.

P.S. – last we’ve heard, you can also eat in a van they have parked outside with its own stereo! Located on 105, rue Vieille du Temple

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