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Designer shops in le Marais, Paris


Le Marais ParisLe Marais is an area of Paris on the Right Bank of the River Seine and it is renowned for its numerous little streets and tiny courtyards.

Le Marais is French for ‘swamp’ but, fortunately, the only risk from entering Le Marais is from getting swamped by designer bags.There are many popular and chic designer shops in the Le Marais area such as Shine in Rue de Poitou which is owned by Vinci D’Elia who is avant garde when seeking out new design talent from Paris, London and New York.

Each season’s collections are hung from simple rails suspended from the ceiling in a shop that is cool, sophisticated and very chic.

Yukiko’97 is on Rue Vieille du Temple and has been in Paris for more than a decade. Yukiko chose Le Marais to establish her boutique because it is one of the principal areas of Paris that people come to when searching for designer goods that are extra special. Yukiko’s shop is tiny, unique and incredibly alluring and to not shop with zeal is almost a sin.

On the other hand, Parisian trendies simply love Free ‘P’ Star, which is a tiny, almost claustrophobic designer boutique that has a wide choice of stock on offer for prices that are surprisingly affordable.

Xuan-Thu Nguyen on Rue Ferdinand Duval is tucked away down the Le Marais’ cobbled streets where the reward for the venturous is sophistication, manufactured in natural fabrics such as silk, cotton, and wool. The designer clothes seem to have a timeless quality complemented by little design touches individually created by hand.There are many other designer shops that enchant the Le Marais district including such luminaries as Zadig & Voltaire on Rue des Francs Bourgeois; Vanessa Bruno on Rue Vieille du Temple; and A-POC Space Parison Rue des Francs Bourgeois.

Of course, the designer shops in Le Marais are simply the adornments to an area that is steeped in history and a joy to explore.

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