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Parking your Rental Car in Rome


Rome carsThe centre of Rome is for walking or travelling by bus or tram. If you are looking to park your rental car in Rome it will probably be much cheaper to hand it back to the rental company and hire another car when you wish to leave your Rome accommodation. But, if that is not an option and you do wish to park your rental car in Rome, it does require a certain amount of advance planning.

The historic centre of Rome is out of bounds to all cars that do not have a special pass and there are cameras and police at the entry points waiting to enforce the restriction. If a rental car does enter the historic zone then the fine is at least sixty Euros. If you proceed to park in the forbidden area, your car will receive a second fine, will have its wheel clamped or may even be towed away.

Assuming that you are not deterred from driving in Rome, there is on street parking in certain areas but without a resident’s permit, it is necessary to keep buying a parking ticket and that can get very expensive.So, the solution to parking your rental car in Rome is to park it in one of the secure car parks listed below:

ROME CAR PARK: ES PARK – The ES Park at Termini Station is at Via G. Giolitti 267 and can take up to four hundred and fifty cars. The car park is open for thirteen hours per day, from five am until one am.

ROME CAR PARK: LUDOVISI – In the Via Veneto on Via Ludovisi 60, there is the Ludovisi car park which has spaces for up to four hundred cars and is open from five-thirty am until one-thirty am.

ROME CAR PARK: PARKING DELL AUDITORIUM – There are spaces for five hundred parking spaces in the Parking dell Auditorium on Viale Pilsudsky 21 and the car park is open from seven in the morning until nine in the evening.

ROME CAR PARK: TERMINAL GIANICOLO (TRASTEVERE) – Terminal Gianicolo is on the Piazza Rovere and there are spaces for seven hundred and twenty-three cars and the car park is open from six o’clock until one-thirty in the morning.

ROME CAR PARK: PARKSI VILLA BORGHESE (SPANISH STEPS) – The car park for the Spanish Steps and the Via Veneto is the ParkSi Villa Borghese which is on Viale del Galoppatoio 33. There are spaces for eighteen hundred cars and the car park is open for twenty-four hours a day.

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