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Author: Vanessa de Souza Lage | 21 May 2012

holiday rental enquiryA curious family in need of a holiday get-a-way stumbles upon your rental property advertisement when browsing through the hundreds of rental options listed on the web. They think it is perfect and want to know more. Your hard work on marketing your property has been a success and now it is time to reel in the sale. However, before you do, it is important to communicate with the interested party and to define the rental procedure. Below are some tips for discussing the details of the property in the e-mail response and creating the perfect reply-to rental enquiries email template:

*Begin by addressing the e-mail to the person or group in a courteous and friendly way. Note cultural difference, for example the French like to be addressed very formerly, never by their first names.

*Be specific about the property’s availability. Can they rent it daily? Weekly? By the month? Does the price decrease the longer they visit or is the cost steady regardless of the length of stay? Clearly listing your specials offers not also show your professionalism but it might also convince them to book a longer stay!

*Mention any deposits (refundable or non-refundable) for cleaning, maintenance, repairs, etc. The last thing anyone wants on vacation is to find out they have to pay more than they’d originally planned on spending.

*Think about some interesting activities or entertainment venues in the area. Is there a ski resort nearby? A lake to swim or fish in? Are there any famous landmarks? Help the potential renter get an idea of what their unique experience can look like.

*If they are not the right renter for you (maybe their group is too large, or you have just rented to another party), make sure to politely decline and ask whether they would subscribe to your Facebook page or twitter feed so you can stay in touch!

*Make sure that you are open to questions and that the potential renter knows they can contact you for answers. If you do receive questions, respond in a timely manner and always leave a phone number where you can be contacted.

As always, be professional. Even though it is vacation for the renters, it’s business for you. Remember that first impressions are vital — especially when renting out your home, condo or apartment.

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